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All purpose BLUE-JOB® Chrome Polish
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All purpose BLUE-JOB® Chrome Polish
All purpose BLUE-JOB® Chrome Polish is specifically designed for your finest Chrome & stainless steel, new or old. It will not dull, scratch or leave swirls, and restores the original shine. It removes bluing, & yellow color caused by heat on your exhaust pipes, and cleans off rust, & burnt on shoe rubber. This polish is a fine, concentrated powder. Use it with our damp no-scratch polishing cloth that comes in the jar. Make a thick paste. Rub away stains in 1 to 5 minutes (depending on the severity of the stain). Since no oily waxy residues are left behind, it leaves no fingerprints. Tip: Protect your new pipes. Before starting engine degrease it with BLUE-JOB® Chrome Polish to clean off factory residue, fingerprints and grease so those fingerprints don’t burn in.

Made in USA

Chrome so bright you gotta wear shades™ Support your local motorcycle shop

Instructions *Let the exhaust pipes cool. *Lightly dampen the cloth supplied in the jar with water. *Dab damp cloth in powder. Make a thick paste on the cloth. When removing exhaust pipe discoloration or rust: 1. Concentrate on a small area and rub as needed to remove discoloration. 2. Buff chrome with a clean, dry cloth. When finish polishing, cleaning and removing fingerprints from new chrome: Use a thinner, milkier consistency.

*Tip: On newly installed pipes, before starting the engine, remove factory residues, and fingerprints with BLUE-JOB® Chrome Polish to prevent stains from being burned on. *Note: This is a 1/2 oz. container. It contains only pure polish, no fillers. You add the water, or spit. (A little goes a long way).