" /> Boone County White Dent Corn Seeds Non GMO One Pound
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Boone County White Dent Corn Seeds Non GMO One Pound
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Boone County White Dent Corn Seeds Non GMO One Pound
Boone County White Corn Seed (110-120 days)

Boone County White was created by Mr. James Riley of Boone County, Indiana back in 1874.

Mr. Riley started with the variety "White Mastodon" and selected on the traits he desired such as ear size and leaf size.

A few years later he released his new corn and named it Boone County White.

Boone County was very popular for good reason.

It is a very heavy producer of huge ears that measure 9-11" in length.

That is almost a foot long!

The uniform ears have 18-22 rows.

Heavily leaved, which is great for shading out understory weeds.

9-11' stalks.

Boone County white is a diverse corn that is used for silage, stock feed and corn meal.

Seed Planting Depth

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Germination Temperature

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Row Spacing

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100' Row Yield


1-2" 75-85 70-80 4-8 12-24" 6-8" 15 lb. Full

Planting Tips:

When to Plant Heirloom Corn Seed: The most common mistake people make is planting corn seed too early and the seed rots in the cold soil. Heirloom corn is believed to have originated in Mexico. If you are thinking margaritas, palm trees and hot sandy beaches you are on the right track. Heirloom corn hates the cold. There are a few corn varieties that you can put in the soil when its below 65 degrees, but not many. If you want to get a jump start on corn then plant in the greenhouse and transplant corn to the garden later when ALL DANGER OF FROST IS PAST. Do not let these corn transplants get much bigger than 4-6"s or they will not develop properly later. Make sure what you plant your corn seed in has nice deep trays and try not to disturb the roots too much when transplanting your heirloom corn seedlings.

Planting heirloom corn seed: Corn does best on a deep, well-drained soil which has an abundant and uniform supply of water throughout the growing season.