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Bonide Plant Starter Concentrate 1 Qt
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Product Description

Bonide Plant Starter Concentrate 1 Qt Bonide Plant Starter is for use on fruit, vegetables, flowers, trees, and bedding plants to stimulate early and strong root development. Promotes greener, more vigorous growth. Can be used as a starter fertilizer when installing sod. 3-10-3 Fertilizer Plus Vitamin B-1. Bonide 3-10-3 Plant Starter Concentrate, Features: Helps get flowers, vegetables, bedding plants, fruit trees, shrubs, lawns, and transplants off to a strong start - Helps reduce transplant shock - Promotes root development and more vigorous plant growth - Concentrate formula - 3-10-3 formula - 1 quart - , 4 Tablespoon makes a Gallon. Ingredients: 3-10-3 fertilizer plus vitamin B1. Search_Phrases: Lawn And Garden Fertilzers,Plant Starter,Root Stimulators, Fertilzers,Bedding Plants,Fruit Trees,Bonide Products,Bonide Plant Starter Concentrate 1 Qt