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Bonide Stink Bug Trap 3 Pack
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Product Description

Protect your garden fruits and vegetables Dual-action pheromone lure lasts 4 weeks Features 3 disposable traps Attracts and catches stink bugs All-natural, non-toxic and odorless What's Included

Bug trap


About Bonide A family owned and operated business since 1926, Bonide is your go-to source for lawn care items, pesticides, and rodent control.

Brothers James and George Wurz started Bonide over 80 years ago, traveling the dirt roads of rural America in their Model-T, selling dairy and cattle sprays to farmers and feed stores. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction was unparalleled - and that commitment hasn't changed over the past eight decades. Though the company now travels on jets instead of Model-Ts, Bonide is still all about guaranteeing the customer high quality, environmentally safe products.

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