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Grass Seeds For Lawn, Farm, Forage and Reclamation

Grass Seeds  For Lawn, Farm, Forage and Reclamation
Johnson's Home & Garden has taken the top lawn and garden questions and put them all right here in this convenient article. Check out our answers¡­we¡¯re sure at least one of them will be an answer to a question you had! What is a good all-around, multi-purpose fertilizer?- A 12-12-12 helps promote growth and is good for all vegetables,especially corn, flowers, fruit and nut trees, shade trees, evergreens and shrubs. A 1-1-1 ratio (10-10-10,12-12-12, 19-19-19, etc.) is widely used at the time of lawn establishment, but established lawns generally respond better to fertilizer ratios high in nitrogen. Three of the more common complete fertilizers used by homeowners for flowers and vegetables are 10-10-10, 5-10-10 and 6-12-12.

When should I apply fertilizers to plants and trees?

Don't apply liquid fertilizer at the same time you plant. Some root hairs will break, and the fertilizer will burn them. Wait two to three weeks after planting before you fertilize. In general, apply fertilizers to plants at the beginning of the growing season. For deciduous trees, fertilize when leaves appear; and for evergreens, when it turns cold. Shrubs do not require much fertilizing.

How do I plant grass seed?

Start with top-quality grass seed. Work the soil up a little with a rake. If you are overseeding consider using a slicing machine. Evenly sowing larger areas by hand is difficult, so use a spreader. Cover the seeds by raking a little soil over them. Fertilize and mulch only if it's on a hillside. Use very little mulch. Water, water, water.

How often should I fertilize my lawn?

In early spring, apply a fertilizer with a pre-emergent herbicide. About six to eight weeks later in late spring apply a fertilizer with a post-emergent herbicide. In late summer, apply a fertilizer with insect control. In early fall, apply fertilizer to stimulate root growth. In late fall, apply a winterizer fertilizer that builds resistance to the cold and provides nutrients to extend the green period in the fall and green up quicker in the spring.

When is the best time to plant grass?

In late winter or early spring as soon as weather permits. Another good time is late summer and early fall, around Labor Day.

What is the best way to water a lawn?

Once a week for an extended period (slow watering) rather than more often for shorter periods of time. This allows moisture to go deeper into the soil.

When is the best time of day to water?

Early morning is ideal, if you must water later in the day, water so it has time to soak into the ground. Water left standing can cause disease problems with your lawn.

When do I apply insect controls?

These can be applied anytime there is a problem. However, a preventative application for surface insects should be made in late spring. The best time to attack insects below the surface is in late July and early August. This application should include watering the lawn before and after the application to ensure the insecticide gets down to the root zones where the grubs are active.

How short should I cut my grass? About 2" or 3" but never more than about 1/3 of its length