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Heirloom Tenderette OP Bean seeds 1 Pound
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58 days. Sets smooth, straight 5-in. pods with no strings. Uniform size with mild and meaty, white seeds. At just 20 in. tall, there's no need to stake. Bears all summer if picked regularly.

Height: 18 - 20 inches. Bloom Time/Days To Maturity: 58 days. Zone: 3 - 9 annual. Sun/Shade: Full sun . Spacing: Sow 1 inch apart, thin plants to 2 - 3 inches apart, 24 - 36 inches between rows. Depth: 1 - 1.5 inch. Spread: Vine Germination: 6 - 10 days.. Yield: 120 pounds per 100 foot row. Comments: Noted for uniformity. Excellent pod quality. Extremely hardy and vigorous. Adapted to mechanical harvest. Slow seed development. Bears during hot weather. Bears over a long period of time. Disease tolerance: BCMV and NY 15. Our very best canned


Harvesting beans is an ongoing process. You can start to harvest anytime, but gardeners usually wait until the beans begin to firm up and can be snapped. They are generally about as think as a pencil then. Donít wait too long, because beans can become overgrown and tough almost overnight. Harvest by gently pulling each bean from the vine or by snapping off the vine end, if you are going to be using the beans right away.


It is a suggested that you earmark a couple of plants at the beginning of the season for seed saving. Donít pick ANY pods from them to eat - just pick the crisp brown pods at the end of the season. Donít feed them, or water them unless it is very dry - as this can encourage leafy growth rather than pod development. There is no point in picking green pods as the seeds are not mature enough at this stage.

Planting Tips for Heirloom Beans:

50-60 days for green, 100+ days for dry beans. Beans typically need warm soil of 65į or higher. Grows best in full sun with well watered soil. Regular harvesting of the young pods will ensure a greater yield. Boost yields and germination by adding innoculants.

Avoid planting in soil that stays wet. Heirloom bean disease thrive in wet conditions, and the roots may not get enough oxygen.

Heirloom beans like soil that is slightly acid, about 6.5. This can be achieved by adding mulched pine needles, peat moss or sulfur.

Try wide row growing for bush beans.

Heirloom seeds are hardy but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture - not letting the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely or overwatering and possibly having them rot. ake your heirloom bean rows three across instead of just one. Three wide is perfect because most people can reach across that width. You can grow 3 times the amount of heirloom beans in the same space, you reduce the amount of area for weeds, and you'll save on water.

PLEASE READ THIS LIVE PRODUCT WARRANTY BEFORE ORDERING OUR SEED Seed is a live product which depends on many important related grower skills such as, proper planting time, seed depth, type of soil, irrigation, proper use of fertilizers, weed controls, fungicides, insecticides, disease free soil, and reasonable weather conditions during the growing period. These factors are totally out of the seller's control and are the growers responsibility and risk. Our seed cannot be unconditionally guaranteed to perform properly - regardless of weather conditions or the growers methods or mistakes.