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Interstate Motorcycle Batteries

Interstate Motorcycle Batteries
Team Klock Werks uses Interstate Batteries in both their Harley Davidson and Buell Motorcycles, shouldn't you??

When it comes to land speed records on a motorcycle, Team Klock Werks leads the way. When it comes to outrageous battery dependability for those bikes, Interstate Batteries is champion. America’s No. 1 replacement battery company is the newest major corporate partner for Team Klock Werks.

Interstate Batteries provides battery power for all Team Klock Werks bikes and increases the team support with this new sponsorship of the motorcycle team long known for establishing land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Both companies are faith-based with a strong Christian mission statement of encouraging teamwork for success in racing.

We are your Local Interstate Motorcycle Dealer. If We do not have the battery you need in stock, we can have it usually in 1 to 2 days. Most batteries are activated on site assuring you of long life! We can all get any Interstate Battery you need for your cars, trucks,boats, farm and lawn equipment at a very competitive price.