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Dakota Pearl Seed Potatoes 50 lbs
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Mid-season maturity with a medium high yield. Tubers are uniform in size and round with bright white skin and shallow eyes. Exceptional flavor and the smooth creamy texture makes them perfect for gourmet potato chips; also can't be beat for roasting and velvety potato soup! Good storage.

Size - A (1 1/2" - 3 1/4") Heirloom - No Hybrid/Open Pollinated - Open Pollinated Zone - 3-9 Germination Time - Days to Maturity - 90-110 Days Maximum Height - 18-24in Spread - 18-24in Fruit/Blossom Size - 3-4in Exposure/Light Requirements - Full Sun Growth Habit - determinate Disease Resistant - tolerant to black spot bruise and resistant to common scab and has moderate resistance to hollow heart and pink rot Disease Notes - Susceptible to foliar and tuber late blight, and bacterial ring rot. Soil Requirements - Fertile, well-drained sandy loam soil.