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Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse 72
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Product Description

Product Description Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse 72

This package includes 72 pop-out plastic planting cells, base tray, and clear greenhouse dome. Easy growing & Planting Instructions

1. Fill planting cells with Premium Seed Starting Jiffy-Mix.

2. Plant seeds according to seed packet directions, cover with dome and place in a warm location away from direct sunlight.

3. When first seeds sprout, prop dome open. When all seeds have sprouted, remove dome and place in a sunny location. After first true leaves appear, cut back all except strongest seedling in each plant cell.

4. To harden off plants, place outside in shade for several days (bring plants in at night). Gradually expose to full sunlight.

5. To transplant, gently pop individual plants out of cells, use a Jiffy Transplant Kit or dig holes in your garden deep enough to cover base of plant. Make sure the base of plant is completely covered by garden soil. Water thoroughly.