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Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedo 3 Pack
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Product Description

Pre-strike mosquito torpedo

•Easy to use •Each torpedo provides up to 180 days of protection •No float design •No unsightly debris •Won't harm humans, animals, fish or vegetation •Available in 3-pack Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedo is an easy and effective way to kill developing mosquitoes in standing water before they become breeding, biting adults. Mosquito Torpedo, dropped into standing water, sinks to the bottom and leaves it crystal clear. Once there it slowly and continuously releases an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) into the water to prevent mosquitoes from developing for up to two months. Mosquito larvae exposed to treated water will die in the pupal stage before they reach adulthood.

Can be used in:

•Bird baths and animal watering troughs •Containerized water gardens, privately-owned ponds •Unused swimming pools or spas •Flooded areas, roof gutters and tree holes •Rain barrels, pool covers and ornamental fountains •Any other water-holding container