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Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes 50 lbs  IN STORE PICKUP ONLY
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Scrumptious potatoes with thin red skin, shallow eyes and sweet white flesh. Full Description

Our most popular red all-purpose potato with very sweet, white flesh. Thin skin makes a great "new" potato. Keeps well. It can be used in recipes for baking, boiling, mashing, roasting or in salads, and can be cooked in a microwave oven It is not so suitable for frying

Red potatoes may be cooked with the skin on, and should be scrubbed and rinsed before preparation.

Potatoes in a Pound: As an average, in 1 pound of seed potatoes, you will receive from 5 to 8 tubers. You can plant all the tubers whole. Or, to get more plants, you can cut a few of the larger ones so that you have at least one eye on each piece. In the picture below, you will see how to make 5 seed potatoes into 10. Use a multiple of 10 to figure out how many pounds you need. Figure 1 lb will plant 10 feet, 2 lbs will plant 20 feet, 3 lbs will plant 30 feet, and so on.

Potential Yield: To figure out potential yield, multiply the pounds planted by 10. So, if you plant 5 lbs. of seed potatoes, you should yield 50 lbs of potatoes. This is a good starting point for estimating the yield, however, many gardeners are able to bring in much higher yields due to great soil and great growing conditions.