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Heirloom Super Sugar Snap Pea Seeds One Pound
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Product Description

This incredible pea is even better than the famous Sugar Snap Double pods insures a higher yield!

Full Description

We call these our "Renaissance peas" because of their virtuoso versatility. They're delicious raw, steamed or stir-fried-and you eat them pod and all. The plant produces thick, full-size, ever so sweet snap peas-sweeter than famous Sugar Snap-and delectable in salads or appetizers and earlier, more productive and hardier.

How to Sow ¢ºBecause peas are members of the legume family of plants, they can benefit from an application of a soil inoculant designed for beans and peas, prior to planting. The inoculant will enable the plants to take nitrogen from the air to use as fertilizer, which can increase crop yield and quality. ¢ºFor optimum flavor, grow in cool weather. ¢ºCoat untreated seed with an inoculant. ¢ºSow in average soil in full sun in early spring for first crop, in late summer for fall crop. ¢ºSupport shorter peas on small stakes or a pea fence. Taller peas can be supported with a tower or trellis netting. Set supports for vining varieties prior to planting. ¢ºSow 2 inches apart in double rows spaced 6 inches apart with 24 inches between each set of rows. ¢ºCover with 1 inch of fine soil, and sow 1 inch deep. ¢ºSeedlings emerge in 7-14 days, possibly longer in cooler soils. ¢ºThin gradually to stand 4-6 inches apart starting when seedlings are about 1-2 inches high.

How to Grow ¢ºProtect spring plantings with floating row covers to keep flea beetles away. ¢ºKeep weeds under control during the growing season. Weeds compete with plants for water, space and nutrients, so control them by either cultivating often or use a mulch to prevent their seeds from germinating. Avoid disturbing the soil around the plants when weeding. ¢ºKeep plants well watered during dry periods to promote rapid, uninterrupted growth. They do not perform well in overly wet conditions. Seeds can rot in wet soil before germination occurs when planted in early spring. ¢ºMonitor for pests and diseases. Check with your local Cooperative Extension Service for pest controls recommended for your area.

Harvest and Preserving Tips ¢ºTo determine when to pick shell peas, check the pods by eye and feel. If the pea pod is round, has a nice sheen, and is bright green, it is ready. If the seeds have made ridges on the pod and the pods are dull green, it is past prime. ¢ºYou can pick snap and snow peas at any time but they are tastiest when the pods still have some play around the peas when you squeeze the pods. ¢ºPick snow peas before the peas start to enlarge. ¢ºIf harvest exceeds immediate fresh use, you can freeze peas immediately after harvest to retain rich flavor. Blanch peas for two minutes in boiling water, drain, and then plunge into ice cold water for another two minutes. Drain again and loosely pack the peas into plastic freezer bags or containers. Use within 9 months for best quality. ¢ºPeas can also be dried in a dehydrator and stored in a sealed canister for use in soups and stews.

Product Details -

Type :

Snap Edible Pod

Days To Maturity :

64 days

Fruit Size :

3-5 inches

Sun :

Full Sun

Spread :

8 inches

Height :

60-72 inches

Sow Method :

Direct Sow

Planting Time :

Fall, Spring

Sow Time :

2-4 weeks BLF

Thin :

6 inches