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Winter Rye 50 lbs In store pick up only
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Winter Rye is the most popular winter cover crop. It provides rapid growth of green mass that suppresses weeds and

provides organic matter to the soil. Extremely cold tolerant, winter rye prevents soil erosion during the winter and

improves water retention. Sow late in the season after cleaning up the garden. Also great for food plots.

My number one choice 9 out of 10 times will always be winter rye grain with maybe a mixture of oats as well to provide a nice variety of cereal grain forages for the deer to pick from. Winter rye is the hardiest of all the cereal grains that will readily thrive in a wide range of soil types where other popular deer food plot blends wouldn't even think of growing. Compared to other cereal grains, rye grows faster, requires little or even no fertilizer, produces more tons per acre of dry matter, and is the most winter hardy allowing it to green up much faster the following spring when fall planted. Winter rye will germinate and grow at temperatures as low as 33 degrees but will not grow much forage at sustained temps that low. Seed Rate 60-90 lbs per acre Natural weed control Seeds emerge in 10-14 days