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Wizards TIRE & VINYL SHINE™ DRESSING & PROTECTANT  Safe For Motorcycle Tires & Seats
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Product Description

Wizards Tire & Vinyl Shine Dressing and Protectant •Beautifies vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic, exterior and interior trim and more •Great for tires and motorcycle seats •Non-greasy, non-slippery •Anti-static, forms a dry shield to protect surface •No residue to attract dust or transfer to clothing •Water-based, non-toxic formula can be easily removed for paint preparation •Adjustable gloss: high, medium, natural

WIZARDS VINYL SHINE is a water-based dressing and protectant that penetrates and beautifies vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic and exterior trim. This anti-static, non-greasy formula contains a special blend of conditioners that form a dry shield to protect against ultra-violet rays and contaminants that can permanently age, dull or damage an untreated surface. So then it’s kind of like Armor All? Actually it was developed for the same purpose as other Armor type products, but with a totally different result. The VINYL SHINE is a non-toxic formula; it’s not greasy or oily, so it won’t attract dust, it won’t sling off your tires, and it won’t mess up your paint. When doing your seats, another nice advantage is that it won’t transfer to your clothing.

It’s the only dressing that I’ve ever used on a motorcycle seat that won’t make it slippery. What kind of look can I expect on my tires? I like them to shine but I don’t care for the plastic / greasy look. You can get almost any kind of look you like; just by the way it’s applied to the tire. The more applications you give it, the higher the gloss. Some people like a high gloss and that can be achieved by allowing each application to dry and then reapplying the product. The more you put on the more it will shine. But it will always dry. Do you recommend cleaning the tire first or just spraying it on? For the best results it’s recommended that you clean and dry the tires first. You can use the POWER CLEAN and it will take off all the build up and road grime that you might have from other armor type products. Apply the VINYL SHINE to a dry surface using our yellow sponge applicator pad. Always spray the product onto the pad and then wipe it on the tire. That not only gets the product on the surface, it eliminates the possibility of spraying it onto the wheels. It’s much faster and you won’t be wasting product. After applying with the small sponge pad, is it best to buff it off with a dry cloth? Because the VINYL SHINE will dry on its own, it’s not necessary to buff it off. I see people spraying tire dressings all over their tire and wheel, and then wiping it off into a rag, ultimately wasting their money. Does the VINYL SHINE have any silicone? I’ve heard a lot about it. Is it good or bad? It doesn’t have the traditional heavy oil based silicones. It does contain a small amount of water-soluble silicone, but it’s nothing like most other armor type products. Is it good or bad? Well it’s good, if you want a product that works. In development I created formulas without any silicone and no one would buy it, because it didn’t work.

If you shop around and actually find a dressing without silicone you will find that it works about like plain water. So then it shouldn’t be used in the body shop? The VINYL SHINE is used daily in many shops without a problem, as long as it is in a controlled area and not used right in front of the spray booth. Final detailing should be done in a separate area regardless of what products you use. To paint prep a car where VINYL SHINE was used; just pre wash like usual and it will be ok.